The Passport

We are pleased to announce that the 2024 Passport is now available!

Released April 12th, 2024

 FREE Passports will be available at all participating Producer locations!

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Thank you and we’ll see you on the Trail!


Having trouble collecting stamps from any of our Members?  You can also get your Passport stamped at Second Act Spirits who joined the Trail this year after the Passport went to press. 

Please email with any questions!

2024 CCBT Passport

Released on April 12, 2024

Have you earned a Passport prize?

The Capital Craft Beverage Trail has modernized and simplified its prize redemption process!

Instead of redeeming prizes at select producer locations, we will ship your prize directly to you. Please fill out this form, and upload a photo of your completed Passport page. Your prize will then be conveniently mailed directly to you!

What is a Passport?

The Passport is a printed booklet that will help you plan fun, educational, and rewarding visits to the many Craft Beverage Producers that make up the Capital Craft Beverage Trail (CCBT). The Passport contains a convenient map to facilitate your visits to Craft Beverage Producers that are located near each other on this unique “drinking tour.” When you make a purchase at any Producer named in the Passport, your Passport will get two stamps – one on the Producer’s page, and one on a perforated tear-out sheet at the back. At designated intervals you will tear off and redeem the perforated sheets at the back for terrific prizes! You will only get one stamp per Producer, even if that Producer has multiple locations.

How do I get a Passport?

Passports are FREE and available at any of our Producer member locations.

How do I redeem my prizes?

Capital Craft Beverage Trail (CCBT) Passport prizes can be by sending a photo of your completed passport page to

How long do I have to complete the Passport?

We expect to release our 2025 Passport in early April.  You have until then to earn prizes with your 2024 Passport.  Watch this space and our social media for specific dates.

In line with our longstanding practice — if you were unable to complete your passport due to a location being closed permanently or temporarily, please send us an email at  with the location or locations you were unable to visit and we will honor your Passport completion.

2024 Passport Prizes

Level I Prize – Shot Glass

Level II Prize – Wine Tumbler

Level III Prize – CCBT T-Shirt

Level IV Prize – Twill Baseball Hat

Level V Prize –  Admission to one CCBT “Drink” Event

Level V prize tickets to CCBT Drink Events are non-transferable.

To redeem your prize, please photograph or scan the FRONT and BACK of this sheet and email to We will promptly acknowledge receipt of all level V stamp sheets by reply email.

We will contact you in advance of our next Drink Event. You may use your prize to attend any one of our signature Drink Events between now and end of 2025. You will not receive a paper ticket, but your name will be on our guest list at the event of your choice.